Sound is Power

Hey there, welcome back!! So I put a poll on my Instagram stories asking – “Which is best for soothing a baby? Music or white noise.” 78% of you guys said music and 22% said white noise. There is no right or wrong answer, I was curious to know what worked best for you guys. This comes to show that babies have their own little personalities even when they’re just little tiny persons. But, what is it with music and white noise that makes us go to a place of total relaxation? I guess our minds find one steady, constant sound fascinating. I mean humor me for a second – After having a long day filled with stress, it can cause anxiety, even to the point where it won’t let you sleep right. It’s like your eyes are closed, but when you wake up in the morning you’re not well rested. It almost feels like you never slept – been there, done that. I’m not saying that a baby goes through the same, but the power of any sound whether it’s music, white noise, or a voice, it just changes everything. Tell you what – Try speaking to a person who you see all the time, you smile at each other when passing by the hallways or work or school, but never actually speak with each other – A small exchange of words can cause a lifetime of endless memories. Hope this makes sense!